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… of beardies and bunnies


Just a little update for our #Bath store this week – new harlequin bunnies in as the last ones went out so quickly – these are gorgeous bunnies with fabulous temperaments – so come in and meet them, you’ll be welcome! We also have one last mini lop for sale, a gorgeous wee thing whose brothers and sisters sold almost as soon as they came in – which was very recent – so this li’l fella needs a home now.

We have some fabulous short-haired, multi-coloured guinea pig boys in too – once again, really hand tame and easy first pets.

There are copies of the small animal care sheets on our website – but click here to download a rabbit care sheet or a guinea pig one.


Our reptile section has some new additions! We have taken on a few slightly imperfect, but perfectly healthy bearded dragons. We have one adult beardie – who is around 13-14 months old and has a slightly shortened tail and a couple of missing toes. He is lively, friendly and would make a fabulous first reptile pet. Come into the #Bath shop to see him and handle him if you are thinking of buying him. The two new baby beardies will be ready at the end of October.

We also have leopard geckos in the shop – also great first reptiles.

We are open tomorrow (Sunday) from 11am to 4pm

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Offers Offers Offers

We have a number of offers in store this week – they’re selling fast, so come in as once they’re gone, they’re gone!!

 First up, Barking Heads Puppy Days 12kg HALF PRICE while stocks last – but come in quickly, it is selling like hot cakes!

 James Wellbeloved NEW Large Breed – buy 15kg get 4KG FREE! or buy standalone packs of 4kg Large Breed for ONLY £9.99!

 Have you tried Probiotic Live dog food from Bacterfield? It’s good.. and here’s a video link all about it – We have a special HALF PRICE offer on it right now – 1.5kg only £4; 4kg only £9 and 15kg only £20!!

 We have new tanks coming in, so our Elite Style 35 tanks are on special price at only £59.99! Again, while stocks last (sold another one today!)

 New Exo Terra products arriving soon, like the new Moss Matt substrates – so we have a range of Exo Terra bowls and feeders on special offer (click here to see the offers on the website – save up to 30% off RRP!)

Dog Crates all on special offer! New crate mats coming in this week too plus some lovely new beds on order. Small £24.99; Medium £32.99; Large £47.99; Extra Large £59.99; Giant £74.99!

 We also have a range of tortoise boxes, tortoise tables, vivaria and tanks on offer – including the Fluval Chi, Edge, Flora and Nano tanks! Save, 12%, 17% or as much as 38% on the Fluval Edge from RRP! A beautiful 46L version of the Fluval Edge is arriving very soon!

 And don’t forget we are still selling Marina ClearView Background Adhesive for only £4.99! This revolutionary image-enhancing solution seals background to aquarium glass, resulting in a flawless, illuminated view from every angle.

More offers coming soon.. watch this page!

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Three lovely shops in Bath, Larkhall and Frome 


.. of Frome Cheese Show!

         Wow! What a busy day we had at the Frome Cheese Show on Saturday. Our tent was busy all day – and especially so when the rains came down.  All of our animals and exotics were a hit with the visitors – and so many people were fascinated with our snake skins and spider sheds.

A lovely young lady called Rebecca who was completely arachnophobic managed to hold a large tarantula skin – well done, Rebecca!

Did you know that a tarantula sheds its exoskeleton (shell) – and even leaves the fangs behind? Have you seen the eye caps on a snake skin that has been shed? All amazing stuff!

There was lots of handling of rats and hamsters and of course our lovely bunnies and guinea pigs. We also sold lots of dog toys and treats on the day to happy dog and cat customers and gave away plenty of freebies.

Tigger bounced in for a visit and lots of visitors were captivated by our supersoft mini-lop bunnies or had a cuddle with Harley, our Harleqin Bunny – who nearly found himself a new home on the day!

Thanks to all who visited the tent on the day and all our lovely staff who helped prepare for the day and especially to Anny and Beccy who worked really hard – and left the day with very little voice left!


 More pictures of the Cheese Show on FromePeople

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NotJustPets (Frome Pet & Aquatics) at Frome Cheese Show Saturday 10 Sept!



Yes! We will be hosting the Animal Nursery at the Frome Cheese Show again this year on Saturday 10 Sept at the West Woodlands Showground, which is gratefully sponsored by FDC Law – visit the show website here at


Anny will be joining us from our Bath shop and Beccy from our Frome store. We will be bringing lots of animals for you to see (and some to handle) including guinea pigs, rabbits, rats, gerbils, a hamster and a budgie plus stick insects and giant african land snails.  We will also have spider and snake skins (sheds) on show, care leaflets and flyers and some freebies too.

We will have some fabulous BARGAINS including a new probiotic dog food, dog and cat treats, chews and toys.

So, do pop in and see us in the Animal Nursery on Saturday and meet us and some of our animals – you’ll be welcome! Dogs are welcome too! We share our tent with the Larkrise Community Farm who bring some of their farm animals too – usually ponies and ducks etc – see them here


.. of Summer School at Keble College in fair Oxford

Summer School? I hear you ask. Yes! I was delighted to win a scholarship from bira  to the Oxford Summer School which is one of the ‘jewels in the crown’ of UK retailing – run for the trade, by the trade. The school was established in 1923 and apart from the War years has been running ever since. What an experience! We formed the 82nd Oxford Summer School and I was honoured to be part of Team 1 – otherwise known as “Número Uno” as a tribute to Lucas Ricoy, a member of our team who was from Barcelona. This was an intensive week of work, work, work and more work and then some serious play too! We certainly lived up to our name in the Karaoke competition – we came first with our “Chippendales does It’s Raining Men” wearing bin liners, foil and tissue paper along with charity dresses for our larger “women singers” and wigs I happened to pack (just in case!) against 24 other, very worthy teams. I am proud to say I was in charge of that task, but what a team! All leading lights and very talented folk from Ralph Lauren, Debenhams, Nike, Marks & Spencer, Matalan, Fenwicks, Signet and Masseys. Pictures? I hear you cry. Oh, ok, then..


We were urged to “seize the challenge” and the school promised to “deliver an inspirational experience that challenges and develops retail managers, helping to give them the confidence and motivation to realise their potential”. It certainly lived up to this promise – in spades! In return we were asked to show “commitment, respect and integrity” – how could we not?

The speakers for the week were so inspiring – from Marco Capello (chairman of Liberty and ex MD of Merrill Lynch) to David Meckin, amazing finance guru and author of “Naked Finance” (thank you for signing a copy, David). We also met Beverley Aspinall, MD of the newly refurbished Fortnum & Mason (and yes, she was totally in charge of the refurbishment project, which is an awe-inspiring achievement). Other speakers included Tony Wheeler, the MD of Peter Jones, Steve Connell, MD of Inspire and Chris Walton, a fabulous and inspirational Performance Psychologist. We had merchandising experts, marketing experts, finance experts, IT experts and retailing experts extraordinaire! The tasks followed the themes of these speakers – a merchandising day, a finance day (I’ve never seen so many calculators in one place), a marketing day and a ‘business exercise’ day (where we had the simple task of setting up a department store from scratch in eight hours!)

The organisation was seamless – 225 delegates, 25 group directors plus speakers and guests and numerous tasks every day. Jeannie and the Team in the admin office certainly had their work cut out and the preparation in the previous year must have been enormous from all involved. The timetables worked to precision – I think even our sleep was timetabled!  The paperwork was all ready in time for us every day, the group directors were fabulous in their support and guidance and the organisers bubbled over with enthusiasm all week. On the social side, the week began with a warm registration welcome and lovely champagne reception; the Sunday offered up a beautiful Chapel service in this architecturally stunning building, replete with the Blessing being sung to us a capella by the 5Ways Barbershop Harmony group – this brought a tear to my eye (and to the eye of our rugby-playing group director!) Our meals were delicious and were served in the wonderful “Hogwarts” dining hall of Keble College by wonderful waiting staff, the karaoke was immense fun and the Thursday evening was a delight from start to finish with a superb dinner where we were serenaded by the 5Ways Barbershop Harmony group once again from the balcony, to the Champagne welcome and the fabulous disco in the marquee (and boy did we strut our stuff) .. all the way on to bacon butties and coffee at 1.30 am!

The daily work tasks were not easy but we learned much – from eachother, from the group directors, speakers, from the organisers and from the comprehensive content of the course. We kept learning logs to record our key learning points and to provide an action plan for the future in our work, our businesses and our personal lives.

May I express a huge thank you to Alan Hawkins and all at bira for this wonderful opportunity and I would also like to record a special thank you to our Group Director, Steven Bradley for his wonderful support, enthusiasm and guidance throughout the week and who, along with the fabulous Dominic Prendergast (he knew all the words and moves to all the karaoke songs), Cheryl Owen and Ryan Cooper (and the other 8 members of our Número Uno team) made this a week I will never forget.