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Spring time news!

The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer and as we head into the last week of March it is starting to feel like Spring has sprung.

Spring is known as a time of year for fresh starts and new beginnings, and here at Not Just Pets we too have some new ideas we would like to share with you.

We are taking the blog updates in a new direction to share news, advice, products and information in a regular newsletter. These will be once a week and include reviews, news, information and stories! We are also hoping that you the reader and pet owner will help contribute to these by sending in pictures and stories of your pets when they have settled into their forever home. These can be old pets, new pets, or borrowed pets! Everyone is encouraged to get involved in illustrating the wonderful world of pets as part of the family. In return we will be offering contests, giveaways, information and advice as well as tutorials and how-to guides and product reviews. We will be reviewing new products available as well as old favourites. We will be demonstrating the benefits of why we recommend and love them.

News from in store this week

We had the Greyhound rescue charity event in store on Saturday 22nd of March. Greyhound rescue West of England volunteers and dogs were in store raising funds for their charity. They work hard to promote rescue of the greyhound and lurcher breeds as well as promoting the benefits of the breeds themselves. They have all the information about rehoming and rescuing on their page.

Greyhound rescue

Offers in store this week

We currently have 25% off Trixie Prince and Princess bowls, beds and toys! These are especially designed for your royal pet! In subtle colours and patterns your cat or dog will love these items and at 25% off now is the best time to treat them.

We also have 25% off our luxury Petface, Beco and Trixie beds. Some lovely designs and colours that will suit any home and pet.

On our Tasting table this week … In store each week we will have a sample of products for your pet (and you if you so desire!) to sample and try out. Our staff will be on hand to tell you the benefits of these products as well as any other items in the range that would suit your pet.

This week we have

Billy + Margot treats (all varieties)
Lily’s Kitchen biscuits and treats (for reward, bedtime and training)
Nature’s menu Country Hunter treats

New Products in store for you to try

In store this week we have a new tinned wet food from the company that brought you Doggie Icecream! Billy + Margot. Their new meals combine meats, fruits, vegetables and vitamin supplements to provide a complete meal for our adult dog or puppy. This new product is made in Britain and uses the best human grade ingredients. available in four delicious sounding flavours and a special tin available for puppies, we hope your pet loves them as much as we do!

Also available in store this week is a new treat from Billy + Margot called Fish skin cubes. These low calorie, hypoallergenic treats are suitable for any dog. So if your pet is trying to lose weight or has allergies they don’t have to miss out! Made from Defra approved, sustainable sourced fish and nothing else this is an ideal treat to pick up and keep handy on your walks as a training treat or at home as a reward.

We look forward to welcoming you in store soon remeber we are open in our Bath store 7 days a week!

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