Symply Kitten Turkey Dry Cat Food

Symply Kitten Turkey Dry Cat Food


A lot of care goes into every bag of Symply Kitten Food. At Symply, they are passionate about the healthy growth and development of your kitten and that’s why they have developed a brand new range with a caringly formulated recipe full of nutritious and delicious ingredients that they are really proud of.

Symply have caringly formulated Kitten Turkey to give your kitten the very best start in life. Their Total Kitten care formula contains all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals for strong healthy growth and a strong immune system. Your kitten will love the delicious taste of turkey and you will love the fact that every tasty mouthful is assisting the healthy development of his brain, immune system and vision. Symply is kind to your kitten’s tummy with added prebiotics to promote the growth of “friendly” bacteria for a healthier digestive system.

Give your cat the best start in life… Choose Symply Kitten Turkey

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