Microchip operated SureFlap can tell a true love from a false friend

Is your flirty feline enticing every Tom, Dick and Harry into your home? Or does next door’’s monster moggy like to gorge itself on poor Snowball’’s favourite fishy treats? If these scenarios sound familiar, then a microchip operated SureFlap might be just the gift you need this Valentine’s Day.

SureFlap uses a cat’’s own microchip as a personal door key, preventing overly persistent admirers from gaining entry and harassing your pet inside.

Intruder cats can be a source of real stress for our pets and can lead to fighting and spraying, which nobody wants in their home,” says Judith Bank, Marketing Manager at SureFlap. “SureFlap only opens when it recognises the pet’’s microchip, so it keeps out unwanted visitors.”

SureFlap was invented by cat lover and Cambridge physicist Dr Nick Hill, after his cat Flipper suffered at the paws of an intruder who entered through his standard, non-selective cat flap. After failing to persuade Flipper that a collar-activated cat flap was the answer to their woes, Nick started working on a system that used the radio frequency identification (RFID) technology in Flipper’’s microchip.

The company have gone from strength to strength over recent years, expanding beyond Europe to the USA and even reaching the Kiwi kitties of New Zealand. Along with being highly practical, SureFlap’’s aesthetically pleasing design has lead to it’s inclusion in the Design Icons exhibition, which is on display until February 23rd at Anglia Ruskin University.

Judith says: “SureFlap is an essential for cat owners who struggle to keep out prowling pussycats, but they’re also very stylish and make a great gift if you’re looking for something a bit original this Valentine’s Day.”

SureFlap is compatible with all common microchips and is available direct from our online shop and in our stores at Bath, Larkhall and Frome.


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