Just a little update for our #Bath store this week – new harlequin bunnies in as the last ones went out so quickly – these are gorgeous bunnies with fabulous temperaments – so come in and meet them, you’ll be welcome! We also have one last mini lop for sale, a gorgeous wee thing whose brothers and sisters sold almost as soon as they came in – which was very recent – so this li’l fella needs a home now.

We have some fabulous short-haired, multi-coloured guinea pig boys in too – once again, really hand tame and easy first pets.

There are copies of the small animal care sheets on our website – but click here to download a rabbit care sheet or a guinea pig one.


Our reptile section has some new additions! We have taken on a few slightly imperfect, but perfectly healthy bearded dragons. We have one adult beardie – who is around 13-14 months old and has a slightly shortened tail and a couple of missing toes. He is lively, friendly and would make a fabulous first reptile pet. Come into the #Bath shop to see him and handle him if you are thinking of buying him. The two new baby beardies will be ready at the end of October.

We also have leopard geckos in the shop – also great first reptiles.

We are open tomorrow (Sunday) from 11am to 4pm

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