Prickly Sticks for Seend Primary School

We had a great time visiting Chestnut Class at Seend Primary School last week. They wanted a class pet and the children came up with all sorts of ideas and Owen, one of the boys, did lots of research and the class decided on stick insects!  The children didn’t know when we were coming so their teacher, Mrs Coleman invited us to play a little game with them – a kind of  “What’s My Line” game – where the children had to guess why we were there and what our jobs were. It took them a little while of asking lots of interesting questions and finally they realised we were from the pet shop and they got very excited as they knew we must be bringing in their school pet. 

Owen helped us to bring in the tank with the stick insects – we had decided on Giant Prickly Sticks as they would be more interesting and entertaining for the children.

Chestnut Class promised to take good care of their new pets and said they would write to us regularly to let us know how they were getting on. We have already heard from them all as they sent in some lovely letters of thanks and also gave us a progress report and news on what they have already learned about sticks since we left them. Here is a sample of a few of their lovely letters. (Click to enlarge)