They’re not just pets, they’re family…

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Is your pet part of your family? Does your pet make you smile? Cheer you up after a bad day? Bring you the papers? Tell us about your favourite moments with your pet and we will post them up on our Facebook site.

Who noticed our new tag line on our logo – “they’re not just pets, they’re family” which we added this week? We thought we would explain why we chose the name for our website. We love our pets and so, it seems, do millions of people in the UK, as evidenced from the article below.


Many pet owners think of their pets as part of their family – and we are sure you do too! So how about sending in pictures of your pets to show that they are a part of your family. The best picture will win a pet-related prize!! Just make sure the picture shows your family – with your pet.

According to a well-known information website, a survey in 2007 survey by the University of Bristol showed that 26% of UK households owned cats and 31% owned dogs, estimating total domestic populations of approximately 10.3 million cats and 10.5 million dogs in 2006.  According to National Pet Month “our nation’s love for pets is stronger than ever due to companionship needs, security or just simply for more family fun. There are 27 million pets in the country and 43% of households contain at least one furry, feathery or scaly family friend, making pets well and truly part of the UK’s landscape”.

The leading  industry expert, the Pet Food Manufacturers Association (PFMA) carried out research on behalf of National Pet Month, which celebrates Great British Pets (April-May) – and for which Not Just Pets won the Best Event Award 20011 (!) – and this has provided an insight into the pet purchasing trends in the UK, showing facts like 60% of single people buying pets for companionship, 39% of whom replaced their partner with a pet! Phil Sketchley, Chairman of National Pet Month says “Pet ownership has grown over the years to this national high and it is no surprise  that so many pet loves see their pet as a companion.”

The Top 10 pets as per the Pet Food Manufacturers Association (PFMA) Pet Research were:

1   Dogs
2   Cats
3   Rabbits
4   Birds
5   Hamsters
6   Horses/Ponies
7   Snakes
8   Gerbils
9   Tortoises/Turtles
10 Rats

The Top 10 dogs as per the Pet Food Manufacturers Association (PFMA) Pet Research were:
1    Labrador
2    Border Collie
3    Jack Russell Terrier
4    Yorkshire Terrier
5    German Shepherd
6    Rottweiler/ Dalmation
7    Bischon Frise
8    Cocker Spaniel/ Shitzu
9    Labradoodle/ Golden Retriever
10  Greyhound (incorporating Whippets)/ Chihuahua

So, what are the benefits to owning a pet? According to the Pet Health Council there are many benefits. Scientific research shows that pets can help reduce stress, help prevent (and detect) illness and allergies and can aid recovery and boost chances of survival after a life-threatening illness. Pets help people of all ages and in many difficult and sad situations, such as ill-health and bereavement. The Pets As Therapy is a charity which arranges the visits of pets to hospitals (and residential homes) so that those in need can benefit.


There are some amazing scientific studies of how pets have helped children with learning difficulties and behavioural problems and issues of self confidence; even studies to show that although it is traditionally thought that allergy sufferers shouldn’t have a furry or feathered friend, scientific evidence suggests that the opposite may hold true and pets have an important role to play in building up a child’s immune system. For more interesting articles like this, check out the Pet Health Council website. 

Pets provide us with companionship and enjoyment – and exercise! From walking the dog to playing with the cat, they provide hours of fun and friendship and we can learn so much from them and about them.

We can train dogs – how about this fantastic video sent to us from one of our Twitter followers of Jesse the Jack Russell terrier doing useful jobs around the house (amazing dog tricks!)

We have trained our German Shepherd Dog, Luna to get the post and fetch balls and put them in a box – you can watch her here:

So we think pets ARE part of our families and we look forward to hearing about your pet-related stories about how your pets are part of your family – on here (comments below) or on our Facebook page “NotJustPets” or talk to us on Twitter at @NotJustPets. We’d love to hear from you.

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