.. of Frome Cheese Show!

         Wow! What a busy day we had at the Frome Cheese Show on Saturday. Our tent was busy all day – and especially so when the rains came down.  All of our animals and exotics were a hit with the visitors – and so many people were fascinated with our snake skins and spider sheds.

A lovely young lady called Rebecca who was completely arachnophobic managed to hold a large tarantula skin – well done, Rebecca!

Did you know that a tarantula sheds its exoskeleton (shell) – and even leaves the fangs behind? Have you seen the eye caps on a snake skin that has been shed? All amazing stuff!

There was lots of handling of rats and hamsters and of course our lovely bunnies and guinea pigs. We also sold lots of dog toys and treats on the day to happy dog and cat customers and gave away plenty of freebies.

Tigger bounced in for a visit and lots of visitors were captivated by our supersoft mini-lop bunnies or had a cuddle with Harley, our Harleqin Bunny – who nearly found himself a new home on the day!

Thanks to all who visited the tent on the day and all our lovely staff who helped prepare for the day and especially to Anny and Beccy who worked really hard – and left the day with very little voice left!


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