Summer of the Cat Event – Saturday 20th August at Bath Pet Centre!

Summer of the Cat Event


Nutritional experts, cat food offers & freebies and cat rescue fundraising 


Bath Pet Centre

7 Lower Borough Walls, Bath, BA1 1QR. Tel 01225 461461

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Saturday 20 August!

 Special Offers from:

 Royal Canin

Meowing Heads

As well as freebies from Lily’s Kitchen


Bristol and Wales Cat Rescue

will be here fundraising –

and they will be bringing rescue kittens for you to see 


Offers of the Week! Plus Summer of the Cat Event on Saturday 20th August at BATH Pet Centre!

We have lots of offers in store this week – plus a special event on Saturday, repeating the event we had in Frome a week or so ago – Summer of the Cat (with partner Royal Canin).

Offers this week include lots on the Habitrail Ovo Range:


The Ovo Maze and Pad only £23.49 for both (saving £21!!)

The Ovo Loft only £35.99 (RRP £56.16 – a HUGE saving)

The Ovo Loft & Tower only £35.99 (saving £34!!)

Then we have the 8-in-1 Delights Treats on special offer – Buy 1 get 1 half price! Available at our Frome store while stocks last.. get ’em quick, they’re selling fast!

We also have some wonderful bunnies in and beautiful Belgian Hares (see our new caresheet on the Animal Info Page) and we are offering our EXTRA LARGE 6′ hutches with integral runs for only £199 with one of our bunnies and just a few pounds more for a pair. These hutches are well-constructed, waterproofed and are ideal for large rabbits. We are also offering fabulous prices on our smaller hutches for small bunnies and guinea pigs.



Summer of the Cat Event Saturday 20th August at Bath Pet Centre

So – this Saturday we have our Summer of the Cat Event teaming up with Royal Canin and the Bristol & Wales Cat Rescue organisation. These lovely ladies from the rescue organisation will be having a small tombola and a table of goodies to sell and a few of their more robust kittens with them as people are always happy to see them.  The kittens always love it too as they get so many cuddles!! Julie from B&W Cat Rescue says “As you can imagine, they are extremely well catered for on days out and we always take a big pen with food, water, shelter and toys to keep them safe when they have had enough cuddle time.” They hope to bring 2 or 3 of their kittens with them.

There will be plenty of offers on the day from Royal Canin plus specialist advice from their nutrition experts. Everything starts from around 10.00 am onwards. Ring 01225 461461 for details or contact us via our website, Facebook page (NotJustPets)  or our Twitter page (@NotJustPets)!/NotJustPets


New Belgian Hare Caresheet



The Belgian Hare is actually a rabbit, with the features of a hare.

Life expectancy – 5 years +

Gestation period – 30-31 days

Adult weight around 9lbs

Can produce large litters – usually between 5-12 in a litter

They need plenty of space, exercise and enrichment – the cage needs to be of good height, like any other large rabbit, the RSPCA recommend 6ftx2ft and 3ft high

These are one of the most intelligent rabbits and like stimulation through toys such as things to climb on/crawl through, chew & dig and they love ramps and lookout posts. They can also learn to come to their name and be trained to use a litter tray/area

When feeding the important thing to remember is little and often particularly with Hares of 6 months and under and offer them hay, fresh fruit & veg and a good dry rabbit mix  through the day and plenty of fresh water

They can be skittish and a little nervous when young but generally have a good disposition and make a good pet as they are intelligent and friendly

They have a dense, shorthaired coat

Mainly for those experienced with the species due to large size and speed

Specialist Info – What to look for

HEAD – Should be long and fine

EARS – Must have substance and be nicely rounded at the top. When posing,  the ears should be at the same angle as the head, not straight up. The recommended length is 5 inches, if they are too short they look rabbity. There should be deep black lacing around the top of the ear.

NECK – should be a good length to give a better appearance when posed.

FRONT – should be narrow and long leading to a pair of gun barrel straight legs. The longer the chest and front legs the higher the arch will be.

FEET – should be solid in colour, free of ticking. The back feet should be fine and around 6 inches long.

SHAPE – this is what typifies the breed. The back should be distinctly arched, smoothly round not choppy or square. They should have a graceful racy appearance.  The Hare should be fine and not heavily boned.

TAIL – should be straight and have no kinks.

COLOUR – should be solid Chestnut Red evenly distributed, particularly on the haunches and around the jaw.  It should be topped by rich black wavy ticking evenly over the body. The colour next to the skin should be dark slate blue.  Belly colour should be red but is usually paler and is lighter in the groin.

CONDITION – the flesh should be firm and free from looseness or ungainliness.  The Hare should have a healthy appearance.

COAT – should be short and stiff-ish and fly back when groomed the wrong way.


Thanks to The Hoyle’s Belgian Hares website for all their help in compiling this caresheet – visit their website at


Wiltshire Fun Dog Show – Sunday 14th August in Royal Victoria Park, Bath

So we attended the Wilts Fun Dog Show and it was fun! It was a beautiful day in the Royal Victoria Park in Bath and it was well attended by lovely doggies and owners alike. We sponsored the Category “Best Junior Handler” – and this lad Gabriel won with his lovely retriever Lara. Gabriel said, after winning “She is the BEST DOG in the WORLD” – so sweet! 

Here is a gallery of photos from the day – thanks to Steph Pearce for inviting us and for all the lovely dog owners and doggies who made it such a fun day – and for Andrew Rowley of Woodborough Kennels for the fabulous training display with Boston, the amazing Rottie.

The Fun Dog Show was held at Victoria Park and the Schedule comprised 














14)  BEST IN SHOW (Winners of the 1- 13 classes – free of charge)

and the

AGILITY RACE- From 12 noon and throughout the day- just ask the judge on the ring

Dog owners were also invited to sign up for a  BEST BEHAVIOUR RECALL WORKSHOP with Natashya Hanch DipCABT

(07734 951737 or 01225 865547 for more information)

The organiser, Steph, can be contacted on 07506 948 095 Or email; [email protected]

See our pics and tweets on @NotJustPets on Twitter or on our Facebook Page: NotJustPets

Special Offer Day plus Cat Nutrition Saturday 6th August at Frome Pets!

At Frome Pet & Aquatics on Saturday 6th August, we have a special promotional day celebrating the ‘summer of the cat’ with Royal Canin. We have amazing offers all day and nutritional experts on hand to give advice about cat diets.


So, come on down and join us and grab a bargain – you’ll be welcome!

For details telephone 01373 462068 or email [email protected] – or on our Facebook page at NotJustPets. Follow us on Twitter @NotJustPets too!