Tick Advice and Information

Ticks are blood feeding external parasites that can carry diseases that can harm you and your pet. Diseases such as Lyme Disease are transmitted when the tick injects saliva into their host whilst feeding.  To find out more about Lyme Disease, the symptoms and treatment, check out the Lyme Disease Action website.

They have a life cycle that has 4 different stages. Starting with the egg, 6 legged larva, 8 legged nymph and the adult tick. This blog post aims to offer some advice as well as some useful products to help you and your pet stay healthy and safe from ticks.

Ticks are arachnids, more closely related to spiders than to insects. A fully fed tick can be 3-10 times the size of an unfed tick.

Although pet owners have to consider ticks all year round it is in the summer that they are most active. They thrive in long vegetation waiting for passing animals, including humans, to attach themselves to. Ticks will then feed on the animal’s blood before dropping off. Contained within their saliva is an anaesthetic so the host animal will not feel the bite!

The Dartmoor National Park Authority has some very good preventative measures that can be adopted by dog walkers and visitors. They suggest:

  • Wearing covered shoes and long trousers tucked into your socks
  • Wearing light coloured clothing so a tick can be more easily seen.
  • Avoid a ticks favourite place by walking in the centre of paths and check yourself after sitting or leaning on trees.
  • Use a light coloured picnic blanket and check the underneath afterwards
  • Check your pets after they come home.

If a tick is found early removal is critical in reducing the risk of infection. Removal should be done carefully to prevent leaving parts of the tick behind. Here at Not Just Pets we have a range of products that will give you confidence in removing and preventing ticks.


The Ancol Tick Tool is a helpful tick remover that can be kept in your bag or backpack and is available for cats and dogs (in pink and blue) This tool fits over the tick and you can pull it out safely. Available in store and online priced at £2.30





Another great tick remover is the O’Tom Tick Twister which is shaped like a hook. It is supplied in two sizes to ensure you can remove ticks easily. Place the hook around the tick and twist slowly until the tick is released and safely remove from your pet. This design ensures that the tick is not squashed when removed which can lead to harmful saliva passing into the host animal. Available in store and online priced at £4.32


To help avoid picking up ticks when out and about Biospotix is an all natural, non-chemical based product that comes in a spot-on treatment for both cats and dogs. You place the treatment on the back of your pets neck. This repellent works by breaking the tick’s respiratory system. 100% safe for humans and pets. Can be used on animals older that 3 months and can last up to 4 weeks. Available online and in store each pack contains 5 pipettes and is priced at £10.00

The Tickless Ultrasonic Tick and Flea Repeller is a small electronic device. Shaped in the form of a pendant that can be placed on your pet’s collar. This device emits ultrasonic impulses to rid pets of fleas and ticks. A non toxic, chemical free way to protect yourself and your pet from ticks. Available in store and online priced at £22.99





Finding and removing any ticks safely will reduce the chance of illness occurring. Here at Not Just Pets we hope to help any pet owner with any concerns. Your vet will also be able to give you any advice you need to help you.

If you have any great tips or advice about ticks please contact us and let us know! We look forward to connecting with you.

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Travelling With Pets – Staying Safe

There are a number of reasons that you may need to travel with your pet, a trip to the vets, travelling to the kennels, moving house, first trip home. It can be a daunting experience if you are unprepared for it so we would like to share with you the best ways to travel with your pets to make sure they stay safe and happy.

Unsecured pets and the law

The highway code Rule 57 states that when in a vehicle make sure dogs or other animals are suitably restrained so they cannot distract you while you are driving or injure you or themselves if you stop quickly. A seatbelt harness, pet carrier, dog crate, or dog guard are ways of restraining animals in cars.

If there is an accident if your pet is not restrained in the car they may escape from the vehicle, run out into traffic or run away and get lost.

There are many products available to help you keep your animals safe and happy while travelling. Here at Not Just Pets we have a great range of pet travelling items to choose from that are suitable for all types of pet.

For small animals we suggest that owners use a Pod Carrier that is secure and cannot be chewed. This can prevent the risk of your pet escaping into the car.


The Options Pod is suitable for small animals such as hamsters, mice, rats and gerbils. They are well ventilated, secure and have carry handles. Available online or in store from £7.99

A great way to transport your pet.

This is the Savic Discovery small animal Carrier. It is well ventilated and has a carry handle. This would be suitable for larger animals such as rabbits and if you had multiple small animals that would travel together. Available in store and online at £13.99



For larger small animals such as adult rats and guinea pigs we suggest a larger pod type carrier. We stock this Ferplast design in store and online at £16.99 It has a clear door, carry handles and is well ventilated,

These carriers are made from plastic which is easy to clean and can be collapsed and stored at home when not in use.




The best way to transport your pet cat is in a pet carrier. This keeps them safe and secure from escaping out of the vehicle. These carriers are designed to allow your pet to lay comfortably and are well ventilated. You can put in a blanket or towel for extra comfort.

The Cabrio is a great carrier as it is multi functional – you can open the front door for access as well as opening the top hatch for ease of putting your pet in and out. There are compartments for food and water on the go. This carrier can also be placed on the car seat and a conventional seatbelt can be used to secure it in place.

This is one of the stores best products and is a favourite with the staff as well.


Not Just Pets also stocks alternative pet carriers that come in a number of colours and designs. These have the front opening secure door. These can be collapsed when not in use. These come in a range of sizes for small cats/kittens and larger breeds.

Product shown is the Catit Voyageur Tiger Design in Black – prices start from £19.99



When travelling with dogs there are a number of options depending on your pet and the size and shape of your car.

Belts and harnesses – these can clip onto your pets harness or you can buy a travelling harness especially for the car.

The Universal seat belt restraint is used in conjunction with a full body harness which you can clip onto your dog’s regular harness and then put into your car seat belt holder. These are great if your dog does not like fussing into and out of harnesses as you use one for both travelling and walking.

Available in store or on our website at £4.99


The RAC 2 in 1 Car Harness is a great way to secure your pet dog on journeys. These are fully adjustable to ensure a great fit and then simply thread your seat belt though and clip it in as normal. Then when at your destination use the harness as a normal walking harness.

Available in a range of sizes in store and online from £9.99


The Ezydog harness is a great harness for your dog and you! Offers support and control. The chestplate comfortably moulds to the shape of your dogs chest creating a custom fit that is safe and secure. Easy to adjust and fit. Each Harness comes with a free car restraint that reduces in-car distractions. Available in different sizes and colours and in store or online starting from £15.26

 Crates – These can fit into most car boots or seats and have two doors for accessibility. Well ventilated, secure and come in a range of sizes. Can be collapsed when not in use to a smaller size and stored at home or in the boot of the car.

Not Just Pets have crates available in store and online, these crates are currently on offer, starting from £30.00 for small breeds. You can also purchase crate mats that make it more cosy and comfortable.



Carriers suitable for dogs – These are great for smaller dogs and can be taken in and out of the car.


Available in different colours and four different sizes that will suit your dog’s needs. They can be collapsed when not in use.

The Carrier shown here is a Dogit Voyageur and these are in store and online starting from £18.89



Ramps for larger breeds and older dogs – These can be stored in your car to help your pet in and out of the vehicle.


This is the Pet Gear Bi-Fold Ramp that is available online at £79.99 this can be stored in your car boot and has a skid resistant surface that allows your dog safe access in and out of the vehicle.




Other items you may find useful

Calming sprays – Pet pheromones have been used to help cats, dogs and other mammals to be calm and relaxed in stressful situations.


Adaptil is available for dogs and Feliway is available for cats.
A plug in diffuser can be used in the home but you can buy sprays for when out and about. Spray on the carrier or bedding to help your pet feel calm and secure.




Calming spot on is available for cats and dogs. This product is a natural herbal supplement that will calm your pet at a stressful time such as fireworks night or while travelling.

Just apply to the back of your pets neck and the formula effects last for up to a week.



Catnip – Can be used to help get cats into their carrier and then help them relax whist travelling.

Non spill bowls 

The road refresher can be used out and about as well as in the home. The shape helps to reduce spillages without restricting your pet from drinking. Can be used in the car whilst on the move.

Available in different sizes and colours from £9.99



Travel bowls – Lightweight and transportable these can be filled and used on the go and fold down so they do not take up a lot of room.

Ideal for long walks as well as long distance travelling.

This collapsible travel bowl is available in store and online £4.99

Travel beds and crate mats – Make sure your pet travels in comfort and style. There are a range of designs and styles so your pets journeys are comfortable. Not Just Pets has a wide range available in store.

Seat cover and protectors – If using a harness or seat belt restraint you may want to protect your back seat. These can be fitted over your existing car seat and are designed to still be able to use the seatbelts safely.

This waterproof Ancol Seat Protector is available in store and online at £22.35

Shields for windows – These are great for shading pets from sunlight if it is too warm to shade your pet with a blanket.

                                                                                                        Window grates – These fit on your car and allow cool fresh air into the car without the risk of your pet escaping out of the open window.

Fits to the width of your open window.

This Mikki window vent is available in store and online priced at £12.99




Never leave your pet in a car, whatever the weather, even if you leave the windows open – they can still overheat and die.

Now you have all the best travel equipment here are some top tips for travelling with your pets.

  • Do not feed your pet immediately before travelling as this may result in sickness
  • Be prepared and have an accident and emergency kit available so you can deal with any problems. The kit should contain –
  1. Paper towels or pet wipes
  2. Cleaner spray
  3. Poop bags
  • Exercise your pet dog before travelling in the car. If they are worn out they will settle down better in the car for the journey.
  • You can put a blanket or sheet over your pet’s crate or carrier to help reduce excitability. If they are not stimulated by the world whizzing by they are more likely to settle down.
  • Have rest breaks from travelling where you exercise and give refreshment to your pet. If you have a pet cat please do not let them out of the vehicle as you may not be able to get them back again.

Do you have any top travelling with animal tips? We would love to hear them!

We look forward to welcoming you in store soon; remember we are open in our Bath store 7 days a week!

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The Dangerous Dogs Act New Amendment- How It Affects You and Your Dog

The Dangerous Dogs Act (section 3) is a law that protects the public from dogs that can cause harm. That does not only apply to banned breeds but any dog that is considered a dangerous threat. In May of this year the law was amended to apply to private property as well as in public spaces. This will impact on all dog owners as they will need to protect any visitor to their home as well as delivery drivers and post men and women. If they do not manage their dog’s behaviour when there is a visitor, delivery driver or post person at their door they risk committing a criminal offence.

At Not Just Pets we care about animals and their owners and we would like to share this vital information so you are aware of how to protect yourself and your pets. The National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT) have some great information about how the Dangerous Dogs Act affects all dog owners no matter what size, age or breed.

The NAWT have a website and blog with a summary of what you can do to protect you and your dog in regards to the law. Below is a list of the steps they have suggested:

Ensure your garden is safe – this will not only make sure that your dog can’t escape out of the garden and be injured, or possibly be considered a threat but also protects unexpected visitors who will not be able to enter your property without your knowledge.

Manage your dog’s behaviour at your front door – Plan ahead and have a routine when there is a visitor at your door. You need to be able to have visitors at your door without them encountering your dog. Put your dog in another room or out in the back garden if that is secure.

Manage your dog’s behaviour when there is a knock on the door – You may need to help your dog manage its behaviour and seek professional training to help your dog and you. Your dog doesn’t need to bite someone for them to be considered a threat.

Manage the way your dog greets people – You need to make sure they behave in a way that is acceptable to all visitors. You might not mind them jumping up but others may consider that aggressive behaviour.

On the 16th July 7-8pm the NAWT is offering a free Webinar to help people become aware of the act and the amendment. Register for your place and you will be able to learn more about the act.

Owning a dog is a great responsibility and as the owner you are required to train your dog and keep them safe.

We look forward to welcoming you in store soon; remember we are open in our Bath store 7 days a week!

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Benefits of pet ownership and children – Buying for the school holidays?

The schools are nearing the end of the summer term and parents are starting to think ahead to the 6 week summer holidays. Here at Not Just Pets we believe that it is a great time to think about buying a pet! Let us look at the advantages of getting a pet at this time of the year and also give you other information to think about.

Advantages of getting a pet for children at this time of year

Plenty of time to enjoy new pet – With six week off school the children will have plenty of time to play with and bond with their new pet. Without the busy mornings and homework filled afternoons.

Holiday research project – For older children this can be a good project for your child to research and read up on the pet they wish to adopt. You will be confident that they are committed to the pet if they take their time and do a good job.

Time to bond and set up a routine – Owning a pet requires a routine of feeding, grooming, playing and health checking. This all needs to be done to make sure your pet stays healthy and happy. The holidays will give enough time to be able to work out what and when things need doing without worries of other deadlines and projects. This will ease the pressure of your pet settling in.

Outside play, exercise and physical activity – Children with pets benefit from extra outdoor play and exercise. With longer daylight hours and nicer weather children will be outdoors playing with their pet. It depends on your type of pet of course!

A great way to introduce responsibility – Owning a pet is a great way to introduce children to responsibility. Even when the parent remains the main care giver for the animal you can give children age appropriate tasks to help care for the pet. Young children can help pour out water and food at dinner time. Older children can help groom and tidy their pets environment. Teens and young adults may be mature enough to be the main carer for some pets such as reptiles and small animals.

Owning animals also offers an experience of life and death. We don’t like to think about it but sometimes the worst happens and this can teach children about bereavement.

Pets can help with our children’s learning – Some children feel more confident tackling their homework when they have a pet to help. Reading aloud to a pet can give children confidence in their reading. I remember talking German to my pet cat when studying for my GCSE’s. He did a great job of listening!

Aids bonding among siblings – It has been suggested that siblings who take care of a pet together get along and form a strong bond. This will result in less falling out and bickering – music to any parents ears I am sure!

Also for children who do not have siblings owning a pet can help them learn about relationships, emotions and teach them about socialising.

Things to think about 

Will you be on holiday during the six week break? – Summer is the time of year most families go away on their holidays. Here at Not Just Pets we offer a pet boarding service! So why not book in your pet for a holiday as well? They will be kept in a safe environment, fed and watered everyday (our Bath store is open 7 days a week), given exercise, will be played with and given a health check to ensure they are happy and healthy. If your pet requires any additional care, just give the store a call and we will be happy to sort anything out and book your pets in.

Commitment and responsibility remains with the parents – When buying a pet for your children we always remind parents that the commitment and responsibility will always rest on their shoulders. No matter how much they begged, researched, pleaded for their pet, even the most responsible child can lose interest. When buying a pet make sure it is one that all the family will enjoy and love to take care of.

Make sure the pet is suitable for your lifestyle – Do you have the time, money, space and ability to take care of the pet? Pets need to be kept in a suitable environment and usually the bigger the better is required for their well being.  We would suggest looking into pet insurance to protect the investment of having a pet as vets bills can be costly and sometimes unexpected.

Not Just Pets has knowledgeable, experienced and well trained staff that will be able to help you choose the right pet for you and your family. We welcome people to come in and visit the animals we have in store and see which animal they think would suit them. Give the staff all the information you have about your family, lifestyle, budget and needs and they will be happy to pair you up with a new pet. The staff are happy to answer any question you have about the animals and will arrange a set-up to ensure you have everything you need before you leave for home.

Here at Not Just Pets want to make sure you have the best animal to take home. The first step of this is making sure we have healthy, happy animals here in store to choose from. We get our animals from reputable breeders that we know keep their animals in a safe and happy environment. As well as this we also take in rescue animals that are in need of a new home. We will always be able to tell you where an animal originates from and their story.


We look forward to welcoming you in store soon; remember we are open in our Bath store 7 days a week!

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