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Tricks or Treats and Fireworks! Plus, Dog Ice Cream “as seen on TV”


I refuse to use the “C” word just yet, although we have already taken in our orders of “C” products – but we won’t be displaying them until the end of the month. If anyone wants to stock up early, then you only have to ask! We do have some fabulous dog and cat treat gift bags which we have made up ourselves and they look lovely, are great value and can be given as presents at any time, but especially at Christmas. We are happy to make up bespoke bags too.

Meanwhile, Hallowe’en is almost upon us and we have dressed one of our windows with the theme of Trick or Treat – and by this, we mean what items can you buy to help teach your pet new tricks and what treats can you give as a reward for learning? We have clickers and puzzles and lots of ideas for new tricks you can teach your doggie, plus a huge selection of treats, including the fabulous Hungry Hector and Lily’s Kitchen treats – and the fabulous new venison treats from Billy & Margot.

Speaking of Billy & Margot – did you see Marie on Dragons’ Den last Sunday? Marie managed to get the backing of Deborah Meaden for her wonderful dog iced treats. We sell these dog ice creams and the venison treats and they are wonderful – nutritious, healthy and dogs love them! Here’s a link to a video of our Luna eating her Billy & Margot Strawberry and Apple iced treat 🙂

You might have seen that our other window is all about Fireworks Night.  Some dogs and cats and other small animals get very stressed at this time of year with fireworks and other loud noises with parties and celebrations. Animals also get stressed at times of change, with loud weather, moving house, introducing new animals or people to the home or a new environment. There are many products on the market to help animals with their stress and we sell a range of them, from Thundercoats to herbal remedies, sprays and room diffusers.

Here is a checklist of top tips for cats and for dogs on fireworks night which we hope you find useful:


So, have a fun Hallowe’en and a safe Fireworks night – and remember you can ask us questions via our website, or via our Facebook and Twitter pages – simply email us at

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