Rabbit Knowledge Quiz – win a Jellycat Bashful Bunny or a large bag of Excel Rabbit!

Just print out the quiz to fill in the answers and email the answers back to us at [email protected] – all quiz answers will go into a hat and the winner will win this lovely bunny (or a bag or Excel Rabbit – your choice!) All of the answers can be found on our animal floor at Bath Pet Centre and most can be found on the Rabbit Awareness Week page www.rabbitawareness.co.uk 



  1. What is the minimum age a bunny rabbit should be when on sale?
  2. What is the most important part of a rabbit’s diet?
  3. By law, there are 5 requirements you must meet for your pet rabbit. What are they?
  4. What is the ideal weight in kilos for an English rabbit?
  5. Name one of the main reasons for obesity in rabbits
  6. What is the average life expectancy of a rabbit?
  7. Do rabbits’ teeth stop growing?
  8. Name one symptom of teeth problems in a rabbit
  9. What is the safest way to pick up a rabbit?
  10. Do rabbits hibernate in winter?
  11. How often do rabbits need fresh water?
  12. Name at least one plant that is toxic to rabbits
  13. Can a rabbit be house-trained?
  14. What is fly strike?
  15. Name three items you can buy in our store for your rabbit

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New furry friends for Busy Bees Pre-School

Last week we went out to Busy Bees Pre-School at Chapmanslade to help them set up a new classroom pet – a pair of male guinea pigs. We had taken these guinea pigs in as rescue animals and they were in need of a good home.

Busy Bees had been working towards getting the guinea pigs with fundraising events including a sports afternoon.  They had raised enough money for a lovely outdoor hutch and all the bits and pieces needed for the little piggies and we were able to donate an indoor cage to them too. The children were delighted and the pigs had lots of welcome cuddles.

The children have promised to keep us up to date with the animals’ progress and send in some drawings soon – so watch this space!

New Sunday Opening at Bath Pet Centre – and Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW) 23rd to 29th May

Sunday Opening 11am – 4pm

So here we are today, Mike, Ashley and I – opening up the Bath Pet Centre for our lovely Bath customers here at 7 Lower Borough Walls. Here is a pic of the last weekend Ashley and Mike worked together, but they are in more ‘normal’ dress today!

We asked our customers and they said that they would like us to open Sundays – it will take awhile to get the word out, so please come see us and tell all your friends about our new Sunday opening – we will be here every Sunday from 11 am to 4 pm.

Rabbit Awareness Week

I am getting the animal floor ready for Rabbit Awareness Week this week – 23rd to 29th May. We will have promotions on our 6′ hutches and runs and pet carriers and will be on hand to give specialist advice on the care and behaviour of our furry bunny friends. We have leaflets, caresheets, books and posters – so if you are a school why not contact us to ask for a Rabbit Pack? 

Plus we are running a competition for the children – answer the questions on the sheet (or for the littlies we have colouring sheets) – to win a toy rabbit or a large bag of Excel rabbit food.

So, don’t forget to pop down to Bath Pet Centre this week to find out about all things rabbit – and we hope to see you all on Sundays (but we can’t promise fancy dress!)


Prickly Sticks for Seend Primary School

We had a great time visiting Chestnut Class at Seend Primary School last week. They wanted a class pet and the children came up with all sorts of ideas and Owen, one of the boys, did lots of research and the class decided on stick insects!  The children didn’t know when we were coming so their teacher, Mrs Coleman invited us to play a little game with them – a kind of  “What’s My Line” game – where the children had to guess why we were there and what our jobs were. It took them a little while of asking lots of interesting questions and finally they realised we were from the pet shop and they got very excited as they knew we must be bringing in their school pet. 

Owen helped us to bring in the tank with the stick insects – we had decided on Giant Prickly Sticks as they would be more interesting and entertaining for the children.

Chestnut Class promised to take good care of their new pets and said they would write to us regularly to let us know how they were getting on. We have already heard from them all as they sent in some lovely letters of thanks and also gave us a progress report and news on what they have already learned about sticks since we left them. Here is a sample of a few of their lovely letters. (Click to enlarge)

Bath Pets Open Day at Larkhall for National Pet Month

We had a fabulous day on Saturday 30th April for our Open Day for National Pet Month 🙂

We had some lovely visitors and doggies supporting us on the day including Tag, Sid, Trixie and Lucy from @OldiesClub (https://www.oldies.org.uk) the senior dog rescue and rehoming organisation and beautiful greyhounds and lurchers from Greyhound & Lurcher Welfare & Rescue (https://www.glwr.org.uk) We also had fabulous support from Royal Canin (thank you Jasmine) and James Wellbeloved (thank you Sam) who gave out advice and samples to our customers on pet nutrition.

Lee brought his lovely ferrets Lily and Daisy and talked to lots of people about ferret handling and care, we had Fred & Barney guineapigs and Anny brought Cedric and Lilli her friendly rats and Deagol, the cutest, smoothest hamster ever!

Mrs Gale made some fabulous cupcakes and all the staff baked cakes and biscuits to sell on the day.


Pippa from Ashman Jones Veterinary Surgery came down to chat to our customers and give advice and Taiga our young German Shepherd customer won first prize in the raffle – £75 to spend on nommy treats and goodies!         

The staff all dressed up on the day and the raffle, facepainting and cakes all raised funds for Oldies Club and the Larkhall Festival charity (amounts to be published later). Greyhound & Lurcher Welfare & Rescue also raised money on the day selling their lovely cards and collars and from donations from customers and Cats Protection Bath also joined us for the day.  

Janine showed lots of customers our spider skins and snake sheds and the youngsters were particularly fascinated to learn how so many creatures shed their skin.

Huge thanks to everyone who helped make the day such a success, to the staff for working so hard and the charities and suppliers for supporting us on the day and most of all, our lovely customers! National Pet Month… Done!