Puppy Ownership Talk with Caroline from The Clever Dog Company Bath Branch


Not Just Pets in Bath city centre will host a free puppy ownership talk with Caroline Wilkinson from the Clever Dog Company Bath Branch.

Caroline will be coming into store to give a talk about the initial training and issues that puppy ownership brings with it.


If you are just thinking of getting a puppy or have already got your puppy this talk will be perfect for you!

Items covered will be

– Before you get your puppy: is it the right time?

– Socialisation and Habituation

– Handling your puppy

– Housetraining

– Biting and Jumping Up

– How dogs learn and the importance of training

She will be able to discuss short individual questions and items but some issues may need a longer consultation which she will not be able to do on the day of the talk but can help arrange another time.

 Meet the trainer puppy ownership talk will take place on Saturday 28th February and Caroline will be in store 11am- 1pm. 

Everyone who signs up for the talk will receive a free gift on the day!

You will need to sign up for the talk to reserve your place please pop into the shop or call 01225461461 for more details.

We look forward to welcoming you in store soon; remember we are open in our Bath store 7 days a week!

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Get in touch via any of the above, or via our website or email at [email protected] or telephone us on 01225 461461. Or simply pop in, you’ll be welcome!

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