This week’s Not Just Pets Blog! Of broken ankles and bearded dragons..

So – I decided to ask the staff for topics to blog about this week, including any ‘funny stories’ etc  – and in chorus they said “Have you heard the one about the boss who fell off the step..”  So, yes, that was me – whilst rearranging the upstairs shop floor in our Bath store I inexplicably fell, in what seemed like slow motion, from the bottom step of a very small flight of only four stairs! Result? An enormous ankle, torn ligaments, possible fractured bone..although the bonus was I did fall into a small pile of dog beds, so a slightly softer landing! I do have pictures, but you don’t want to see them, right? So, plans for this week a little scuppered.

The last couple of weeks have been busy and very varied – from dressing up for National Independents’ Day on 4th July to broken ankles,

to sending Hot Pink Dog Lips to California for a choosy doggie!

As noted in our Store News last week, we are delighted to win the National Pet Month award for the best retailer event – in recognition of the three open days we held during that month.  Well done to all the staff and huge thanks to all our customers for supporting these fabulous days.

Lee is settling in at Larkhall now that Shirley has moved on – she sent us this lovely pic of her not working but sunbathing at her new home in Scotland. We wish her all the very best and miss her already.  Lee is doing a grand job trying to fill her boots and is getting to know everyone at Larkhall. He has his very own tag engraving machine so he can engrave tags on site for only £3.99!  (Lee with two of his lovely ferrets)

Last week at Bath we had some beautiful Belgian Hares come into the shop – and as quickly as they came in, they went out – and you can see why. How beautiful are these

bunnies? We are hoping to get some more – and will be putting up an info page on our site soon.  Meanwhile we have some beautiful harlequin bunnies among others in the Bath store and we are still trying to find a home for Cinnamon and Nutmeg, a gorgeous pair of bunnies in Frome    seen here sharing breakfast with the guineapigs.

So, who saw the article about Lily’s Kitchen in the Daily Mail? You may have missed it with all the News of the World shenanigans.. here’s a link –

– and we are proud to say we stock Lily’s Kitchen and it is a really popular product in our Bath shop. Why not give it a try?

At our Frome shop we have some beautiful bearded dragons in store and some blizzard morph geckos. Care sheets will be available on our site for these and are in store too.

Beardies Blizzard Morph Geckos

There are lots of offers still in all stores – 15% off all vivarium set-ups and aquariums1.5kg James Wellbeloved still on special price at £5.99 (stickered bags) – OVO Hamster housing all at special prices, including Lofts at £34.99 and many more! OOH and we have just had a new delivery of Beco Bowls, Cat Litter Trays and Scoops in – come and get yours before they’re gone!

Please ask any questions below, add any comments and pop over to Facebook to “like” us on our NotJustPets page or follow us on Twitter at @NotJustPets. We’d love to hear from you! 🙂

  1. Congratulations on winning Best Retailer. Fully deserved. We need more independent shops like you and not just in the pet trade! But always get a great service in the shop and it’s great to see you branch out online too. Keep the pictures, wackiness and great offers coming !

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